NSW Recognises Open Family

This year NSW implemented a State initiative to recognise those athletes that have reached the pinnacle of our sport within NSW.

Announced at the Squad Launch, the theme of the 2019 Campaign is #Blues Legacy and as an outcome of this campaign, Mens Netball NSW now recognises every NSW Opens player — who has ever represented our State since we started in 1985.

This initiative is a way of saying that, for NSW to continue to go forward, we have to both understand and respect where we’ve come from.

President Clare McCabe said “we should not pick and choose which parts of our history we acknowledge – what we are doing is including everyone who has ever been part of our NSW Opens family.”

As part of the Blues Legacy initiative every player that we can confirm since 1985 will be given their individual number. 

We are pleased that for years to come, we will continue the tradition where Opens players numbers will be openly displayed on their playing shirts to remind all NSW players of our very strong history in this sport.

With the assistance of Mens Netball NSW legend, Tony Fletcher (Australian and NSW Representative Player and previous Vice President), presentations of playing singlets were made to our current Open side. 

The Current Open Team are:

Adam Slattery 81
Josh Byron83
Taylor Glassie84
Hayden ‘Paki’ Jensen85
Liam Forcadilla88
Eugene Lee89
Anton Stechiwskyj90
Shane Clarke (d)92*
Jack Edwards (d)93*
Riley Richardson (d)94*
Julien Vincent (d)95*
Luke Sproats (d)96*

*=on debut