2019 Squad Launch

On Sunday 14th April 2019, the MNNSW inaugural squad launch was attended by over 100 players and supporters. The launch was an opportunity to recognise and support our seven State Teams that start competing for the Australian Championships in Melbourne over Easter. 

On the night, we were able to recognise The Winery, as a major sponsor who has gone above and beyond in what they have provided to us as an Association. With The Winery‚Äôs support, MNNSW has live streamed our 2018 M League finals, helped in the events management of the launch event and provided assistance to the State Teams competing in Melbourne. 

On the left, Isaiah Samau (The Winery) and Brent Ferguson, Vice President MNNSW

Squad Captain Announced

Squad Captain Eugene Lee (right)

MNNSW also used the launch as the vehicle to not only formally announce all team captains publicly but to also announce the 2019 Squad Captain.

This role is seen as the Flag Bearer for the NSW teams. It is a key role and one the Association sees as being in a position to inspire and encourage future generations of players.

We would like to thank everyone that came along and who have been supporting and encouraging all our State Teams.  We wish all the teams the very best and look forward to seeing their incredible performances over the 7 days of competition in Melbourne.