NSW State Teams 2021

Open Men

  • Tysan Allen
  • Shayne Clarke
  • Jack Edwards
  • Liam Forcadilla
  • Taylor Glassie
  • Jamie Hardy
  • Paki Jensen
  • Eugene Lee
  • Anton Stechiwskyj
  • Julien Vincent
  • Matt Wetere

Head Coach Moira Gaha
Trainee Coach Robbie Gregg 
Manager  Donna Harrison

Physio Jess Harrison

Men’s Reserves

  • TBA


Coach Jenny Barsby

Open Mixed

  • Kristina Brice
  • Steve Catalano
  • Sean Gray
  • Brad Halton
  • Ben Hamer
  • Aneeka Marcozzi
  • Emily Moore
  • Emily Nesbitt
  • Dylan Nexhip
  • Elicia Parrott
  • Samuela Rabuku
  • Leah Tavita
  • Angela Williams

Head Coach Drew Mulvena
Co-Coach Tom Portelli
Managers Karen Williams

Mixed Reserves

  • TBA

Coach Nicole Deguara

Assistant Coach Lee Starkey
Manager Melanie Beedle

Under 23s

  • TBA

Head Coach Nerida Stewart
Assistant Coach Marianne McCormick
Manager Rebecca Rodwell

Under 20s

  • TBA

Coach Dennia Napara
Assistant Coach Annalisa Di Bella
Manager Raelene Turner

Under 17s

  • TBA

Coach Georgie Arrow
Assistant Coaches Maryanne Di Bella
Manager Sue Griggs

National Championships 2021

Congratulations to these players and we wish them all the best as they compete at the AMMNA Australian National Championships.