A Chat with Josh Bogers – U/17s Coach

Joshua Bogers is coaching his second NSW State Mens team in 2017.  Having worked with the U/17’s last year in Victoria, Josh again is at the helm  and we asked him a few questions leading in to the 2017 Championships.

How would you best describe your coaching style?

In my 2nd year I have taken a more professional approach to the team. Ensuring all players are getting development out of each session, giving them the best opportunity to get out and show off the skills come nationals.

After each training session we sit down as a team and re-cap on what we worked on and what each player wants to focus on so as a team we can help each other achieve our personal goals and also our team goals.

Describe your team with ONE word – and explain why?

One work would be “courageous”.

What are your teams strengths?

Our strength would be our never give up attitude.

What has your Nationals experience been like in the past – and what are you expecting in 2017?

Last year it was fast and fierce, this year a step above with ACT and QLD joining our age group.

What team building activities do you use?

All in squad bonding session and exhibition match has been a highlight.

What will a typical day at Nationals look like?

A typical day consists of:

  • Early breakfast
  • Team walk
  • Pre-game plan and meeting
  • Warm up and game
  • Ice baths and recovery

Repeat for each game.

What is the best piece of advice you can give any NSW squad player?

My advice would be never give up, work hard and the rewards will come.