Open Men to take on Swifts and NSWIS

The NSW Open Men will take on the Sydney Swifts and two NSWIS teams in an exciting FASTNET tournament on Wednesday night.

FASTNET is a more exciting and dynamic version of netball that includes rule adaptations to allow subbing, two-point goals and powerplays where teams earn double points for a nominated quarter.

It's set to be an exciting night as the best netballers in the state showcase this fantastic adaptation of our favourite game.

FASTNET adapted rules

  • Games will be 4 x 6 minute quarters with 2 minutes for each break.
  • Players may be substituted at any time – we will provide cards for players to hold up for subs – player entering game must stand in designated area, hold up card and cannot take the court until the player they are replacing leaves the court.
  • Power play quarter must be notified to bench before quarter commences – powerplay quarter is played for double points for each goal scored.
  • GS and GA may shoot outside the circle to score two points – umpire indicates two points has been scored by holding two hands up in the air.
  • Each centre pass after the first is taken by the team who did not score.

Tournament details

Wednesday December 15 2010
From 5pm

Entry for spectators is free

Anne Clark Netball Centre, Church St, Lidcombe

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