MNNSW Delivers Back to Back Titles in Brisbane

In a breathtaking demonstration of skill, unity, and unwavering resolve, the MNNSW Mixed Open Team has secured a historic victory on the national stage, clinching back-to-back titles at the prestigious 2024 AMMNA Australian Championships.

This triumph is not merely a testament to their prowess on the court but also a celebration of the countless hours of dedication and sacrifice invested by the athletes and team officials. Heartfelt congratulations resonate with every member who contributed to this remarkable achievement.

In parallel, while the Mens Opens and Open A’s may not have achieved their desired victories in the Grand Finals, their consistent performance underscores the robust development and talent pipeline within NSW. Their resilience and commitment are commendable, laying a solid foundation for future successes.

Furthermore, the Junior pathway has illuminated the promise of upcoming talents, with the 23’s, 20’s, and 17’s securing impressive positions in the top 4. Their stellar performances foreshadow a formidable presence in competitions to come, signaling a bright future for Men’s netball in NSW.

Liam in action

Amidst the collective triumph, individual excellence shines brightly. Liam Forcadilla, recognized as the 2024 Chris Carroll International Athlete of the Year, where he showcased exceptional skills within the Kelpies international environment.  His performances at the Asutralian Championships, earnt him the Tournament MVP title and a well-deserved place in the All-Star Seven. Likewise, Savannah Angelozzi, a standout in the Mixed Open team, was rightfully honored as the Grand Final MVP.

Joining them in the constellation of stars are Jack Vandervelde, Jordan Bedingfield, Tim Marks, Rohan Muscat, and Brock Starkey, who have been acknowledged as All-Star Seven athletes for their outstanding contributions in their respective categories.

To these remarkable athletes, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and share in the joy of their achievements.

As we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of 2025, we look forward to the opportunity to once again converge in Melbourne, united in our pursuit of further triumphs and more unforgettable moments on the netball court.