Disappointment for MNNSW Open A Team

Men Netball NSW has today announced that their only team due to travel to the 2021 Australian Championships next week will not be participating. This announcement is effective immediately.

The decision is the latest in a series of measures taken by MNNSW in response to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and the recent lockdown announcement made be the NSW Premier making it impossible for the team to travel and participate in the competition. The decision reflects the stringent measures that have now been introduced by the Government and the State border restrictions within Australia. The accumulative effect making the continuation of participating in the competition impossible at the present time.

The goal at this stage is to continue to find other opportunities for the athletes to play and hones their skills, including the possibilities of training clinics as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so in order to continue the skill development of some of our most talented player.

The MNNSW Open A Team was selected following a Committee decision to change the way in which the high performance pathways for male athletes occurs in this state.  “We have re-branded and re-named this team, to make sure that all players know that there is still the opportunity to develop their skills and receive the highest level of coaching and know they have a pathway to the Open side – especially if they have aged out after turning 23” said President Clare McCabe. The team, coached by Jenny Barsby was supposed to compete at the Australian Championships in Adelaide next week.

The 2021 Open A Team for MNNSW is:

Steve Catalano

Scott Estwick

Callum Evans

Taylor Fraser

Matt Gauci

Ben Hamer

Mitch Higgins

Nick Kelly

Brendan Lloyd

Joe Miller

Levi Taloulua

Jack Thomas

Coach – Jenny Barsby